Samir Ranjan Parhi

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Linux | Kubernetes | Service-Mesh (Istio) | Docker | A K S | App Service |Azure App Gateway | API Management | Postgres | PG-Admin | Azure DNS Zone | Private Link | CDN | Azure log workspace| Insights | VNET | NSG | Subnet, CIDR, Public IP | Prometheus | Loki | Grafana | Azure DevOps | Shell script | Python | Rust (learning)

Professional Journey

Senior Technical Engineer (2022-11 – Current)

H&M Business services, Bangalore, IN.

Recently join the organization Unfortunately there is a mismatch in the job responsibility I was hired for and the job responsibility that is assigned. Actively looking out for change.

Open-Source Contributor (2021- 03 - Current )

Meshery, Layer 5

•    Making Meshery Better and easily usable
•    Evaluating the product with intense testing - Focused on Azure Kubernetes service
•    Providing the comment and the feature improvement suggestions
•    Reviewing pull requests
•    Commit to the code base
•    Taking part in Community and Brainstorming Sessions

Senior DevOps Engineer(2021-03 - 2022-10)

Asteria Aerospace, Bangalore, IN.

•    Responsible for architecting and managing the infrastructure for our SaaS product.
•    Executing various migrations and overtake various POC to improve our application and infrastructure.
•    Managing and containerizing the application keeping the security in mind.
•    Implemented the observability stack for APM using Grafana, Prometheus and Loki.
•    SPOC for infrastructure security; following the best practices to make our application more
•    stable and secure. Designed the DevOps CICD pipeline with Azure DevOps and Helm charts.
•    Analyzing and Optimizing the cloud resource Cost.
•    Defining and implementing the API policies according to OWASP guidelines.
•    Bench-marking the micro services time to time to improve the performance.
•    Contributing passively to the Go lang repos

Design Engineer professional(2020-03 - 2021-02)

British Telecom Plc, Bangalore, IN.

•    Creating and Managing Azure services: VNET, VM, AKS, Logic Apps, Vault, creation of Pipeline, Blob, Azure artefact, Container Registry, Boards, Azure Monitor
•    Worked on Ansible, Ansible tower to automate various infrastructure provision and configuration
•    Deployment of various Application with Container and Kubernetes (AKS, Vanilla)
•    Created more than 80 Fully Automated CI/CD pipeline using Jenkins and groovy scripts
•    Created Realtime monitoring solution Using Grafana and Influx DB
•    Conducted various POCs on DevOps tools and participated in brainstorming sessions

DevOps Engineer(2020-03 - 2021-02)

KOCH Industries, Bangalore, IN.

•    Administrating various Linux System and focused on Infra Automation
•    Implementing and maintaining CI/CD pipeline for Application Deployments
•    Implementation of Observability stack using Logic Monitor, Grafana, Prometheus
•    Mostly worked with Kubernetes, Docker, Jenkins, Git, Ansible Azure VNET, AKS, storage, AD and Pipeline storage
•    Taking part of all brainstorming session and initiative to build reliable infra structure
•    Worked closely with other business analysts, development teams and infrastructure specialists to deliver high availability solutions for mission-critical applications
•    Researched and identified new technologies and tools helping to grow agile development environment

Application Engineer (2015-02 - 2019-07)

IBM, Bangalore, IN.

•    Installing and managing SAP infrastructure on Linux systems
•    Actively participated in all DevOps learning and delivery
•    Creating and Maintaining Jenkins jobs for deployment
•    Administrating AWS instances and IAM role and security group
•    Supported software integration and implemented maintenance enhancements
•    Onsite opportunity to Germany for DevOps Implementation Project
•    Educated and trained employees on new technologies through presentations and individual support